Artist Sophie Berger

Artist Sophie Berger

During this one-to-one, full-day course, you will have the opportunity photograph two Dartmoor artisans in their studios or workshops.

This is a chance to experiment with new techniques and styles in your own time.  All our artisans are very patient and obliging and will help you achieve your perfect image. 

Subject to their availability, you may choose which artisans to photograph. Choices include: Greg Abel, a blacksmith who works in an atmospheric Victorian forge; Sophie Berger, a landscape painter who works in a light-filled studio and on the open moor; Sharif Adams,  a wood-turner whose workshop is an ancient threshing barn; and Stuart Coote, a traditional upholster who repairs antique furniture in Georgian stables.

For further details, please contact course tutor Suzy.  

Prior knowledge
A basic understanding of how your camera works and photo editing software such as Lightroom would be helpful, but not essential.





You will learn how to:

  • Research and plan a shoot
  • Use natural light to create mood
  • Decide when flash is needed and how to use it in subtle way
  • Overcome challenging lighting situations
  • Help your subject feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • Pose your subject in a natural way
  • Compose a shot for the most dramatic effect
  • Create a narrative
  • Use props to add interest and context
  • Make your photos ‘pop’ by careful retouching

Please bring with you:

  • Your camera
  • Spare camera batteries and memory cards
  • Lighting equipment, if you have it
  • A laptop with image editing software, card reader, charger and relevant cables
  • A tripod
  • A notepad and pen

9am – Classroom session
10am – Photograph your first artisan
12.30pm – Lunch
1.30pm – Photograph your second artisan
3.30pm – Image processing, retouching and critique
5pm – Course ends

£240 including lunch and mentorship for three months following your course.


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